Smart-ACs: The future of air conditioning?

There is a technology that has not changed much in the past many years:- the air conditioners. But it seems to change soon, thanks to the new air conditioner of General Electric and Quirky (the designer company).

We do not have jetpacks or teleporting machines but we are a quite an evolved society with our flat screen TVs, our laptops, tablets and our smartphones which are as powerful (and as expensive) as a desktop computer. But if there is a technology that has not advanced much in the recent years,it is the air conditioners, which require heavy equipments to do twenty holes in our home and cost you one-third of your electricity bill.


In Aros, You can turn it ON through an mobile app. While you’re leaving your house it senses that you left and turns off automatically. It collects information such as location, time,weather and the time of use to suit your habits. These data are used to automatically maintain the perfect temperature, maximizing energy savings in your home. We can monitor, program and control it from anywhere using their app.


With its sleek, modern design, Aros allows airflow upwards which increases circulation, has flat capacitive sensors to switch between the three modes and three types of cooling speeds.Finally the retractable design ensures proper fit in the window of a home. Slim, simple and quiet,Aros is the first smart air conditioner to be accessible to the normal consumer and  the intial model have modest 2,000 BTU and costs $ 300 in the U.S. but It will surely be the first of many. For now we can wait for its release in May 2014.

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