First 3D printed skull transplant Operation!

From printing small parts of objects to repairing ornaments, today 3D printing have made ​​considerable progress.

3D Printing technology have a large variety of applications in medical field. In the past we have seen printed implants and prosthetic limbs made by using the 3D anatomy of the patient, but this time it has gone a step further and has managed to  successfully do an operation of high complexity and risk. Doctors at a University Medical Center (UMC) in Utrecht, Holland,  have successfully performed the first skull transplant surgery using 3D printed skull. The images we have of the medical events are shocking.

The patient is a 22 year old woman who had suffered from a rare disease for a long time which had caused abnormal growth of tissue on top of her skull. Orthopedics decided to choose to remove the top  portion of the skull and replace it with a structure of biocompatible plastic which is specially designed by a Australian company called Anatomics.

This operation took place several months ago, but  it was not made ​​public until it was determined that the patient had recovered perfectly. In addition to saving the life of this young woman who have already started working again, this unprecedented medical record can be used by doctors all around the world to save many more lives. Her life have changed forever, as all her headaches and loss of vision have disappeared and she regained the ability to fully control her facial expressions.

If you are interested,then you can watch this video on Youtube by clicking here

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