Imitone -Make music by only using your voice!

Maybe you do not know to play an instrument, but now it’s possible to make music by only using your voice . If you think of a tune, the first thing you do is hum or buzz . So why not convert that directly into music ? The key to this is in imitone a software that allows you to compose any song using voice or any instrument.

No matter how hard you try it takes time and dedication to learn to play an instrument. You may not know to play an instrument or you do not have access to one, but what about your own voice ? Rather, what happens if you have a very good voice ? You could sing, that’s for sure. And you could also compose . That tune that appeared on your head can be cpnverted into a complete song with this software. If the idea interests you, then you should get a copy of imitone , a program developed by Ivan Balster.

Sing, whistle, hum or buzz, imitone has the ability to convert the sound of your voice into MIDI signals , which in turn supports a tremendous amount of specialized software, and obviously digital instruments. In essence, everything generated with imitone can be recorded, edited, mixed, compiled and processed, thanks to its role as a MIDI controller. Volume, scale selection, vibrato detection, output hardware external control and percussion are some of the features that imitone has . If that’s not enough, the program also offers control for multiple channels, noise cancellation and advanced data analysis, among other things.

Imitone has been a success in KickstarterIts developer got more than 300 percent its original goal of $ 20,000, and the best part is that it is still possible to buy a copy at a reduced price. With the $ 20 offer fully depleted, the cheapest entry point is $ 25 , or alternatively, you can invest $ 60 and receive a basic copyimitone is compatible with Windows(XP and above) and OS X 10.6 64-bit or higher, while the Linux support will come later via free build , albeit with reduced functionality.

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