How to Identify Fake Facebook profiles?

In many scenarios, we come across needs to check if a Facebook account is genuine or fake. Well, All it takes is to just go through the publicly available information to determine if an account is fake or not.

High level Impacting things to check to identify  fake accounts:-

  1. No Profile pics or Photos of celebrities.
  2. No cover photo OR a cover photo which seems to be a random pic uploaded just for the sake of having a cover photo.
  3. Low number of friends. (Average number of friends for a facebook account is 150)
  4. Friends who seems to be also fake.
  5. Joined within a month ago.
  6. Lack of information such as Schooling/Work.
  7. No or very few likes/following.

Medium level hints to check:-

  1. The overall activity of the target including the publicly available statuses.
  2. Check if the person is tagged in any photo. If tagged, then check if there are any more similar photos available.
  3. No location info(such as the place where the person lives.)

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