Transform your face in a photo into a 3d image

Transforming 2D images into 3D models will always have limitations. After all, we are deforming textures and altering other aspects of the original image, but if you want to do your own experiments without installing additional software or spend hours assimilating tutorials, portal has a very interesting tool called 3D Face. Load a photo with the face facing the camera, adjust the automatic detection, and explore the results.

Many photos have impressive quality, but no matter how clever the person in charge of the shot, depth is one of the first things that are lost, especially when using basic equipment, such as the camera of a smartphone. Of course, along with the way, we find resources, tricks and optical illusions that seem to reproduce a certain “3D effect”, and one of the most important technologies that go in that direction is virtual reality. However, there is not much you can do with a traditional photo … unless you are involved in an advanced conversion process. In the case of Google Earth, the Mountain View giant uses thousands of images obtained with aeroplanes to develop 3D models.

The portal offers 3D Face, a tool to process self-portraits, and other images in which the face of a person looks directly at the camera (3D Face delivers very strange results when the face is in profile). Once the image is loaded, 3D Face will do a preliminary detection of coordinates, which we must adjust by hand. Once we are satisfied, we activate the conversion process and take us to a new section of the tool, which has several auxiliary animations, such as sadness, surprise, anger and happiness. The final step is to publish our results, but that requires creating an account on the page.

In addition to being able to share and comment on the final animation, another option of 3D Face (perhaps the most important) is to convert the image into an MP4 video, which in turn enables the animated GIF. The performance of 3D Face is inferior when compared to more elaborate programs, but the ease of use and the conversions without limits play in your favour.

Link -: 3DFACE

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