10 Best iPhone Applications

It can be difficult to navigate the App country, and even harder to know what applications you need, especially before you are missing them!
Our expert team have tried some of the best application , so you can get ideas on which applications can make your  life easier or just a bit more fun.

1.  Monument Valley 

Monument Valley  is a beautiful game, and just the thing for those who love good graphics or wild architecture. The game is in its simplicity that lead a princess through some beautifully designed tracks. This is a wonderful pastime, and clearly worth every penny.

2. Moves  

Moves is the perfect application to have in your back pocket if you would like to have measured all your activities during the day. Everything counts calories when incinerated, Moves helps you track! The application measures for all activities, and make it easier for you to get an overview of how much, or how little, you move in within a day.

3.   7 min workout

Is perfect for those who do not have a lot of time or money to go to the gym, but still like to keep fit and stay in shape. The application will provide a 7:07 minute long workout that can be done anytime and anywhere. This application has both explanatory audio, images and video – so there are no excuses for not getting started, everyone can join .

4. Water Mind 

Water Mind helps you with some of the most important in the world, which is to consume enough water! It’s super hard, and often we get too little water daily. According to all the Health and experts, it can have serious consequences for the body and health if the body is not getting enough fluid. With Water Mind you can easily keep track of how much fluid you consume, set goals for yourself as you remember and learn more tips and reasons to drink more water. 

5. Sleep cycle alarm clock 

Sleep Cycle alarm clock is an application that measures the sleep cycle. It can sense when you are in deep sleep and when you sleep easy. In this way, the application can choose the best time to wake you up, so you get the nicest start to the day

6. Design your lock screen 

We use our mobile to everything we have always with us and our most personal memories and information on it, so why not make the look a little more personal? With the “Design Your laseskærm” you can change the design and make your mobile different and personal.   

7. Afterlight 

Afterlight  is a super fine and easy image editing program if you want to give your photos that extra wow-effect which makes all stops and looks a second time .

8. A beautiful mess 

A beautiful mess is another image editing application, but super nice and fun because you can add speech bubbles, patterns, text, shapes and figures in his paintings. Everything will be posted on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, so why not make it a little prettier to look at?

9. Big day event count down 

A  fun little application that has no other function than that you can look forward to something else. It is always the waiting which is the worst, but with this application, you can easily see the time fly by and before you know it, it’s time for what you’ve been looking forward to for months.

10. Travel list easy packing and planning 

Smart of functional app for you to be out and travel. This application helps you packing list, keep an overview of plans and excursions on holidays, and at little things like remembering batteries or charging your camera so you do not miss the great moments.


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