M3D Micro: An affordable easy to use 3D printer

The 3D printers are devices that use molten plastic(or other materials too!) to create small solid and three-dimensional objects. But still no technology company has offered a homely and accessible model, although this is changing with the announcement of the Company Micro M3D .

This technology that years ago seemed science fiction is already operating in various sectors of engineering companies in various parts of the world. But still no technology company has offered a model which can be used at homes. That is changing with the announcement of the Company Micro M3D . The Micro is a small box of about twenty inches square with a print area of sixteen square inches.

It connects via USB to any PC or Mac and is calibrated and leveled automatically, eliminating the most complex processes in a 3D printer professional. What can you do with the Micro ? Small three-dimensional sculptures of plastic of different colors, which can be quite useful for engineers, architects or fans who want a collection of dolls from your favorite video games. The Micro M3D uses micro filament coils which cost about twelve dollars in the U.S. and let you make between thirty and forty of these sculptures.

The M3D Micro is perfect for beginners and experts alike, as all one has to do is to connect the printer, download or create the model to print, print run, and watch as the machine starts to create the sculpture. If you are interested you can contribute to the their funding campaign in kickstarter here to make sure you get one for $ 250 or $ 900. The delivery date is in the second half of the year although it sounds too optimistic for such a small company.

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