LIX 3D Pen – Now you can draw in the air!

The progress in 3D printing is not only in reducing its cost, there also has been extensive improvements in miniaturization . A new development called LIX incorporates 3D printing to something as simple as drawing with a pen, allowing the user to create different objects directly with their hands , without supports or limitations.

Although virtual reality and augmented reality are emerging to shape the next technological revolution, personally I’m much more excited about the 3D printing . The idea of printing your own commonly used objects, ornaments and spare parts in the comfort of your home is fabulous and I can not wait for it to become popular. Instead of exploring an advanced design provided by a 3D printer industry, what we have here is the ability to draw freehand physical objects .

It’s name is LIX , and as expected, it takes the form of a pen . A USB cable(for providing 5Volt ), a plastic filament PLA or ABS, and pressing a button is all it takes to create three-dimensional drawings . Its length is just over 16 inches while its weight does not exceed 35 grams, so LIX should be relatively comfortable in the hands of the user. The speed with which the plastic comes out is not so quick. So, most likely, a bit of patience is needed to draw with the LIX pen .

If you’re interested, this device will be available soon through a pre-order. The price posted on the official website is 139.95 dollars , although no details about the international shipping costs or availability is mentioned. Anyway, it’s time for LIX to reach Kickstarter , where we can obtain the missing data, and access (in theory) to different offerings. Some of the test designs are stunning, and you can see thousands of people hoping to develop a new kindof art with this pen.

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