ShareDrop – The Easiest way to transfer files on your local network

If you need to transfer files between computers that are on the same network, but you are not able to do it, or you do not want to get into issues of shared folders and access rights, there is a simple solution called ShareDrop .

ShareDrop is a site that mimics the interface of AirDrop and  you can simply swing any file (p2p) via WebRTC to any machine of your choice that is on the same local network which is also connected to ShareDrop.

To share a file, all you have to do is
1) Go to Sharedrop from both of your devices.

2) Drag and drop the file which you want to send into your browser.

3) Done! (Note that No file is getting uploaded to internet, everything is happening withing your network)

Nothing is stored online and everything goes live, which is pretty cool. For cons, There are some bugs when I checked with Ubuntu. But It works smoothly in Mac and Windows. Also I found no problem with Chrome, Opera and Firefox.

Try ShareDrop

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