Fake RAM; How to Identify and Avoid Counterfeit Ram.

So, you just bought a shiny new stick of ram to get that dual channel fps boost on your favorite game, or for that extra memory you needed to export that video you were editing on with ease, or maybe you are about to buy one. Well in that case you are at the right place here is a guide on how you could save yourself from the counterfeit memory scam!

What’s counterfeit memory?

Whenever some ram sticks are found to be faulty, chips from them are extracted and resoldered on to a new PCB and sold as an original RAM module from a favoured brand. Ram modules have a SPD (Serial Presence Detect) chip that has reserved space to hold details about the stick. At times there could be false information loaded onto it so that the end consumer mistakes it to be the original one.

Things one must consider before buying RAM for their Computer are;

  • Clock speed.
  • CAS Latency.
  • Ram chip Manufacturer.

If all three match you should be good. But fake memory sticks could be running slower while it still shows up as faster memory.

It’s Counterfeit but works fine should you be worried?

Yes, there are many reasons why you must not use Fake ram sticks even if they perform upto the mark.

  • You can’t claim warranty on the product if something goes wrong overtime.
  • There is a high chance of it causing random BSOD crashes.
  • You paid for the original product but received a fake one that is made up of unreliable used goods, nothing is confirmed about it’s shelf life.


Alright you are now afraid that your ram could be fake how do you confirm it or the otherwise?

 There are some key giveaways of fake ram sticks;

         1.The box didn’t have a warranty card in it


         2.The inner box is shorter


        3.The Serial numbers on the ICs are scratched


         4.The reflective Sticker on the ram doesn’t reflect


You can further stress test the ram to check if the ram is indeed competent most fake ram sticks show signs in these tests. One such application that helps you achieve this is MemTest86

MemTest86 and Memtest86+ are memory test software programs designed to test and stress test an x86 architecture computer’s random access memory for errors, by writing test patterns to most memory addresses, reading back the data, and comparing for errors. www.memtest86.com

Or you could install CPU-Z on your system to check the serial numbers. (missing part numbers/manufacturer name)

CPU-Z is a freeware system profiling and monitoring application for Microsoft Windows and Android that detects the central processing unit, RAM, motherboard chip-set, and other hardware features of a modern personal computer or Android device. www.cpuid.com

The following images will help you identify fake ram sticks through CPU-Z





Always look for trusted sellers if you want to purchase ram from e-commerce sites. (crucial.com/adata.com) crucial will redirect you to the proper seller once you have specified your specs/model. If you wish to purchase ram from amazon look for the official sellers that offer return policy.

If you would like to purchase ram locally it is recommended to check the stick thoroughly while you are at the place.



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