Best wireless neckband earphones under 2000 rupees in India

The one must have electronic accessory which almost everyone has, regardless of their device, is a pair of earphones.  Earphones are not only useful for listening to music or watching movies, but they are also very useful for taking all kinds of calls and nowadays, for attending online classes or for work from home. Although headphones are better just based purely on sound quality, people with limited budgets prefer earphones.

Not only are earphones easily portable, but they also have a better sound quality under this price range. They are much more convenient at this price range. With the budget options coming out in the past few years, wireless earphones under a budget of 2000 rupees is no longer just a pipe dream. On the contrary, there are many good quality earphones available to the consumers.

Another revolution in technology is the age of the wireless. Wireless earphones are becoming more and more common. People prefer wireless earphones over wired ones because of many reasons.


No hassle of wires– Wired earphones can often lead to tangling. Even with earphones who claim to come with tangle free wires, there is almost always an issue of tangling which takes a long time to solve and is not only time consuming, but also very annoying. Wireless earphones prevent this hassle faced by the people.

Not only is there a chance of tangling, people can also get these wires stuck somewhere which can cause accidents like breaking of the wire etc. Also, wired earphones have very damage prone 3.5mm audio jacks. Wireless earphones solve this problem.

Portability– Due to a lack of wires, wireless earphones are much lighter and easier to carry around. They weigh a lot less and can be easily taken on the go. They can easily be folded without worrying of damaging the 3.5mm jack, which is a constant issue with wired earphones. Also, they can be worn and carried around without feeling much discomfort or baggage.

Wider compatibility– Since a lot of manufacturers have stopped adding a headphone jack to their products, wireless earphones have gained even more popularity. They can be connected with both old and new devices. There is a huge advantage while purchasing wireless earphones as wireless is becoming the norm and it is the future of audio technology. Technology developments are increasing the demand of wireless over wired. VR and other upcoming technologies are promoting more and more wireless technology.

Wide range of movement– Since there are lesser hassles due to lack of long wires, there is a wide range of movement in wireless earphones. You can keep your device at a distance without having to carry it with you all the time. This is perfect for users who want to keep the device a little further from themselves. Gym goers especially benefit from this. Newer earphones allow longer distances away from the source device.

These are the advantages that wireless earphones have over wireless ones. If these are the things you are looking for in your earphones, you should prefer wireless earphones over wired ones. However, wireless earphones have many disadvantages too, when compared to wireless earphones. They are listed below.


Higher price- The construction of wireless earphones is costlier than their wired counterparts, therefore the earphones themselves are also costlier too. The higher price can be a big turn off for people with a limited budget. Many wireless earphones are coming in the budget range, as the topic of this article is about. Still, the wired earphones will always be cheaper.

Worse audio quality– Wireless earphones have a lot more technicalities when it comes to the audio quality. A lot of it depends on the technology and the drivers. Therefore, wired earphones in the same price bracket will always sound better than their wireless counterparts.

Constant need to charge- Wireless earphones work on batteries, hence they need to be regularly charged unlike wired earphones. This is very bothersome as some people do not have the time to do this if they are away from home for long periods of time. Also, wireless earphones drain the battery of the device they are connected to, faster too.

There might be moments when someone forgot to charge their earphones, and if during that period they needed their earphones badly, they will have to suffer. However, there are many wireless earphones which have very long battery life. Also, the introduction of fast charging has reduced this problem by a large margin. Still, you should keep this in mind while thinking about purchasing wireless earphones.

Connectivity issues– The wireless earphones need good connection to work at their best. There are many factors which affect the pairing and connectivity of wireless earphones. They can be distance from source device, quality and type of drivers of earphones, codec of earphones etc. These factors are different for different earphones and thus one simple conclusion cannot be made.

However, many earphones don’t have such big connectivity issues, so if you take your time and choose the product wisely, you won’t face this issue.

Harder to repair– Wireless earphones do not usually break down and are generally tougher than wired earphones, if taken proper care of. However, if something does happen to them, repairs are much more tough when compared to wired earphones. This is because of their complex design and delicate parts. Sometimes, repair is impossible. This is a huge drawback of wireless earphones.

Higher latency– People looking for lesser latency, like gamers, will prefer wired earphones because they have almost negligible latency. However, the latency on wireless earphones is pretty high which is a big concern for some people.


Fitness enthusiasts, active people and athletes– Listening to music while working out or just going for a light jog is a common practice. Not only athletes, but people who care about their fitness like listening to music while working out. Workout playlists are very common. Wireless earphones are perfect for these people. They are portable, lightweight and have no mobility issues.

Travelers– Since wireless earphones are lightweight and easily portable, they can be carried around very easily on travels. Thus, they are very good for people who like travelling very often, or travel is a big part of their jobs.

People with devices without a 3.5mm audio jack– Following the example of Apple, there are many mobile phone companies that are stupid enough to launch mobile phones without an audio jack. In that case, you have no option other than buying wireless earphones, unless your wired earphones have a USB type C wire, which is very rare. Hence, people with modern devices would get wireless earphones.

People who like freedom of movement– Wireless earphones offer more mobility than their wired counterparts. Wireless earphone users don’t have to worry about moving too far away from the device. As a result, they get a more immersive experience.

Therefore, we see that wireless earphones have both their pros and cons. If after evaluating all of these things, you decide that wireless earphones fit your need better, then you should purchase them without any hassle.


After deciding that you want to purchase wireless earphones, you should know about the types of wireless earphones. We can categorize wireless earphones either on the basis of the connectivity, or on the basis of design.

The wireless earphones can connect either through infrared (IR), Bluetooth technology, or through frequency. These are the three types of wireless connections available in case of earphones.

Infrared earphones– These earphones work based on line-of-sight. If the device is in the line of sight, the earphones will be connected. If not, they will not work. Therefore, it there is an object like a door or a wall in the middle, the connection would fail. Thus, these earphones have a very small range of sight

Radio Frequency– This type allows the most extended range of connection (about 300 ft), they aren’t restrained by wall and ceiling, and can connect about 100 headphones to an RF transmitter. The drawback of this type of earphone is that they aren’t that portable, and you’ll most likely need a base station to connect your headphones. An example is the Sennheiser Rs series; the difficulty is finding a source and destination that both support the technology.

Bluetooth– The most common and most widely used technology in wireless earphones is Bluetooth. Bluetooth earphones use Bluetooth to connect to devices. With the improvement in Bluetooth technology, their range and connectivity are also increasing. Therefore, Bluetooth is the best type of wireless earphone with a lot of future potential as well. We would recommend you to purchase wireless earphones.

These are the earphones based on connectivity. However, they can even be categorized on the basis of the design. On the basis of design, wireless earphones can be categorised into neckband earphones and truly wireless earphones. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. We will briefly discuss the types of these two earphones below.

Neckband earphones– These are wireless earphones which go around your neck. They are also called behind-the-neck earphones or collar earphones. This type of earphone is particularly popular with gym goers and people who like to go running. They offer a sporty look and feel. They can be in-ear or on-ear in design. The modern neckbands have magnetic tips to connect the ear tips together when earphones are not in use.

This is very helpful as it allows the user to hang the earphones down without worrying about losing the earbuds or the earphones. These earphones are very comfortable for treks, workouts, running etc. The neckband allows these earphones to have a bigger battery, therefore they usually have a higher battery backup when compared to truly wireless earphones.

Another great point about these earphones is that they do not require any kind of case to store them. Also, there is a big advantage that they can’t get lost or stolen easily when compared to truly wireless earphones.

They are not the most durable earphones, but they are stronger and sturdier than their truly wireless counterparts. Their mics are also placed much closer to the mouth, so they are better for calling.

Truly wireless earphones– Truly wireless earphones are the latest version of wireless earphones. Like the name suggests, these are truly wireless, that is, they don’t have any wires. These just have earbuds and a case for charging and storing them. These earphones make life easier and people don’t have to worry about wires getting tangled. They feel and look premium and are very lightweight and easy to carry around.

These earbuds however are not very sturdy and can get damaged very easily if proper care is not taken. These earphones have their mics placed very far away from the mouth so calling with them is a chore. Their compactness can also cause you a little bit of trouble, sometimes. They tend to get easily lost under the blankets or fall under the bed if you are not being careful about placing them safely inside the charging cum carry case after using them.

Although fast charging is very easily found in these earphones, they usually have a smaller battery than neckband earphones. They are good for people who want a truly wireless experience. The sound quality of these earphones is usually worse than neckband earphones. Therefore, unless you want a truly wireless experience, or you are not a big audiophile, these earphones are good for you.


Now that we have talked about the types of earphones, we will come to the parameters on which any wireless earphone should be judged on. These things are:

Design and durability– Design and durability of earphones describe how well the earphones are designed and how durable they are. To get a longer life out of your wireless earphones, you need to ensure that the earphones are not only having a good design, but a sturdy one too. If your earphones are not well designed, they can be damaged very easily and will not last very long.

The durability also includes how water resistant and dust resistant the earphones are. A higher rating will always be preferred.

Comfort– People prefer wireless earphones because of they generally provide better comfort levels when compared to their wired counterparts. The earphones should be light weight and hassle free and well designed to ensure they provide the user a comfortable experience. There is no point if the wireless earphones are uncomfortable for the user. Therefore, comfort should be one of the highest priorities.

Audio quality– The audio quality is the most important point to be kept in mind while purchasing earphones. Since you buy these for the audio, audio is the number one parameter. The audio quality provided should be very good. The overall sound should be balanced with good bass, mids and highs.

People in India usually like higher bass, so you can also pick earphones with a boosted bass, granted that it doesn’t overpower the overall sound quality. The audio drivers and codecs should be good as well to ensure a very good sound quality.

Microphone quality– The microphone is also an important parameter while purchasing wireless earphones since you will be using your earphones to take calls too. In neckband earphones, the microphone should be close enough to the mouth, but not too close. In case of truly wireless earbuds, the mic is far away from the mouth, so there should be mics on both earbuds for a much better microphone sound quality.

Connectivity– Since the wireless earphones in this article are all Bluetooth earphones, the earphones need to have a good connectivity. A new Bluetooth version like Bluetooth 5.0 is preferred in earphones. A newer Bluetooth version ensures better connectivity with a higher range, and also ensures that a lower amount of battery is drained from both the earphones as well as the device it is connected to.

Battery and charging– The battery life and charging of wireless earphones are so crucial and many people overlook this aspect. Since wireless earphones don’t have any direct power supply from wires, they operate on batteries. Therefore, it is essential for them to have a long battery life and faster charging capabilities.

A lot of people use their earphones while travelling and away from home, so a good battery life is a must. A higher battery life should be there so that people can use the earphones for long periods of time without having to worry about charging their earphones. The earphones should also support fast charging so that they are charged quickly. If a wireless earphone doesn’t support fast charging, it will take a very long time to charge.

Pricing– The pricing of earphones is also kept in mind. Since most people have a limited budget, they want to know about the earphones which they can afford with their budget. Also, since this article talks about earphones which are within a budget of 2000 rupees, it becomes a very important parameter to judge earphones on.

Ideally, you would want a decent sound quality for the price you are paying. In the budget we are talking about, you will not find something which audiophiles or professionals can use, but as a normal user, you can find plenty of great options to select from.


This article will talk about the best wireless neckband earphones under 2000 rupees. The parameters mentioned above will be kept in mind while judging these earphones. Also, my personal experience with some of these earphones will also be reflected on this article. So, without further ado, let us begin our list of the best wireless earphones under 2000 in India.

OnePlus Bullets, Oppo Enco M31, Boat Rockerz 335, Realme Buds, Boat 255 Pro Plus, Samsung Level U2, Mi Neckband.


The first entry in this list are the Boat Rockerz 255 pro plus wireless earphones. Boat has been making a huge impact in the audio equipment market and these earphones are a big reason for it.

Design and durability– The boat Rockerz 255 pro plus are well designed. They come with a flexible neckband which can be extended easily. The wires come out from the end of the earphones. They weigh at just 26 grammes, making them very light and comfortable. The flexible neckband ensures that the earphones can be used portably very easily. However, this also works against the earphones as they are not durable against physical damage because of the very same neckband.

The earbuds have magnets in them which can be used to join the earbuds together while not using the earphones or keeping them in the rest position. The earphones have normal power controls on them which can be used and accessed easily. These controls are the same as normal earphones and are neither cheap, nor too great. Overall, for this price range, they are well designed.

The earphones also have IPX 7 water and sweat resistance rating which makes them a very good and resistant pair of earphones for gym goers and runners who sweat a lot.

Comfort– The boat rockerz 255 pro plus weighs at just 26 grammes, making them very light. Also, the neckband is flexible, thus making it very lightweight and comfortable. The earbuds are also small and have hooks on them which make these earphones very comfortable to wear for long times also. The comfort level on these earphones is very good and they can be worn for hours without feeling any discomfort.

Audio quality– The audio quality on these earphones is pretty good. They don’t have the best sound quality in this price range, but it is still pretty good. The drivers are 10mm audio drivers, but audio drivers in this price range are very similar so they don’t matter that much. The audio quality is decent. They mids feel a little underwhelming while the highs are decent. The sound signature is V shaped. The overall audio is decent. Nothing great but not too shabby either.

Microphone quality– The microphone on these earphones is also very good. At this price point, such a good mic quality was not expected. It is not the best in this price range, but it comes very close. The mic provides a good sound and there is very little to negligible background noise. The mic is pretty good for calls and conference and attending online classes as well.

Connectivity– These earphones come with Bluetooth 5.0. They support A2DP. This provides dual connectivity and a good connection. The connectivity is good and the earphones work well even if you are a decent distance away from the device.

Battery life and charging– These earphones have the best battery life when compared to all other earphones in this price range. The earphones claim a playback time of 40 hours on a full charge. They have the best battery and if you are looking for great battery backup, this is the choice for you.

They also support fast charging and the earphones get fully charged within 1 hour which is a pretty good speed.

Pricing– The price of these earphones is rupees 1499, which is very good for the features they provide.


The Samsung level U2 are premium wireless neckband earphones offered by a renowned company.

Design and durability– The Samsung U2 earphones are designed a little different than the other earphones in this price range. It has a plastic neckband instead of a rubberised foldable neckband. Thus, it also weighs more than the other earphones. It weighs 42 grams and thus it is much heavier than the other earphones in this price range. However, this weight is not felt because the neckband rests on the back of the neck and the wires come from the back.

The portability of this device is however lowered by a lot by the hard plastic neckband as it is not flexible at all. The earbuds have magnets which attach to each other fairly easily. The earphones have normal buttons on the side. The buttons are a little hard to press but otherwise the design is good.

The IPX rating is not given for these earphones, thus their durability is not known when it comes to water and sweat. However, the earphones appear very durable otherwise, owing to their sturdy plastic neckband which is very strong.

Comfort– The Samsung U2 earphones weigh 46 grams, which is very heavy for neckband earphones in this price range. However, since the wires come out of the back, they don’t feel that heavy. The Samsung Level U2 has a hybrid earbud and in-ear monitor-like design, so they sit inside your ear, instead of going deep into your ear canal, so they feel very different. They are quite comfortable, and if you don’t like the design of the other earphones, you should go for this one. However, after long periods, they do tend to become painful and have to be removed.

Audio quality– The audio quality of these earphones is amazing. The hybrid earphone design makes the vocals really stand out. The bass is a little underwhelming, but if you are not a big basshead, it won’t affect you. The instruments also sound good. The sound quality is good and they have a wide soundstage. However, the noise cancellation isn’t that good so you might hear some sounds from outside while listening to music. The Samsung Level U2 supports AAC HD Audio too, which is another plus point. The drivers are 12mm dynamic audio drivers.

If audio quality is your highest priority, and the hybrid earphone design and underwhelming bass doesn’t affect you, these earphones are a no brainer.

Microphone quality– The microphone quality of this earphone is decent at best. It is not very good and if you primarily want to use these earphones for calling purposes, you should look for some other neckband earphones.

Connectivity– The Samsung earphones come with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. The range of the earphones is pretty decent as well. Overall, no complaints in this department.

Battery and charging– The battery on this pair of earphones gives a playback time of 18 hours, which is very good. The USB C charging port, thus the earphones charge up very quickly. These are good earphones to purchase looking at the battery backup too.

Pricing– The price of these earphones is rupees 1899 on Flipkart. The premium cost also comes with it because they are Samsung earphones. It is worth it to pay this amount if you feel like the hybrid earbud style will suit you.


The Oppo earphones are probably the best sounding earphones you will find in this range and they have a good case if we are opting for the best overall earphones.

Design and durability– The Oppo Enco earphones have a flexible neckband and a design similar to the boat rockerz 255 pro plus. They are the lightest earphones in this budget weighing at just 22 grams. The Oppo earphones are a little different from the previous earphones as they have magnetically attaching earbuds, but no power button or controls on the earphones.

They instead work via the earbuds only. When the earbuds are connected, the earphones power off, and they switch the power on when the earbuds are taken away from each other. The other controls are on the neckband itself.

They are IPX 5 rated which makes them very good for fitness freaks as well. They look pretty durable if taken proper care of.

Comfort– These earphones are the lightest earphones in this price range, weighing just 22 grams. You don’t feel anything while wearing them. However, their earbuds are oval shaped, which might not be comfortable to some people. Other than that, they can be easily worn for long periods of times without having to worry about anything else.

Audio quality– The audio quality of these earphones is the best under this budget. They have the most well-balanced sound quality in this range. The bass, mids, highs, everything is good and balanced properly. The soundstage is a little narrow, but the audio quality for most people is phenomenal considering the price range of these earphones.

They also come with LDAC audio codec which improves the sound quality even more. You won’t even miss out on the bass on these earphones, unlike the Samsung Level U2 ones. If audio quality is your number one priority, go for these for sure.

Microphone quality– The microphone quality of this earphone is alright at this price range. If calling is a priority for you, these earphones are not suggested because other earphones offer better mic quality than these.

Connectivity– They too have Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and like all other earphones, work well at a decent distance away from the device.

Battery and charging– The battery life of these earphones is not good as they only last around 12 hours. If you use the LDAC codec on these earphones, the battery life decreases even more. It supports fast charging through the type C port, but only with the official charger, which is a bummer. So, if battery is a big concern to you, you should look elsewhere.

Pricing– The price of these earphones is rupees 1799 on Amazon. They are a good value offering earphones at the current price.


The OnePlus bullets are another great choice if you’re looking for wireless earphones in this range.

Design and durability– The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z have a similar design to the Oppo earphones. They have a flexible neckband which makes them easy to carry around. They also have magnetic tips which are detected and used to power the earphones on and off. The other controls are on the wire. The design looks classy and feels premium.

The earphones are IP 55 certified, thus they too are good enough for people who love exercising or people who sweat a lot. The earphones, if handled carefully, are decent to use. However, owing to their lightweight and thin wires, they should be handled carefully.

Comfort– These earphones are also very light and comfortable. They weight just 26 grams and don’t feel heavy or burdensome at all. The earbuds are shaped in a way that they don’t hurt the ears even after long hours of usage, although they are not perfect.

Overall, a very good comfort level is provided by these earphones and most people will find them very comfortable to wear.

Audio quality– The audio which is heard from these earphones is good as well. The earphones don’t offer a specific codec, but they do have a very good sound quality. Since their earbuds are also comfortable, they provide a good sound quality. The audio of these earphones is balanced. The mids and highs are good. The bass is good as well, but if you want a thumping bass, you should go for the Bass version of these earphones, which are costlier than these ones.

The sound signature is V shaped, which is very good for people who prefer a tighter sound space.

Microphone quality– The microphone quality of these earphones is the best amongst all the other earphones. The quality is a class apart. You can clearly hear the voice on the microphone and there is no background noise which detrimentally harms the voice quality.

The mic is very good for calling and conference purposes. If calling and mic quality is important to you, go for these earphones.

Connectivity– They too have Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and like all other earphones, work well at a decent distance away from the device.

Battery and charging– The battery life of these earphones is decent and they offer a playback time of 20 hours. This is more than sufficient for most people. When it comes to the charging, these pair of earphones have the best and fastest charging time. Using the USB C point, the battery fully charges in around 20 minutes. Just 10 minutes of charging will give a playback time of 10 hours which is very good.

If you want a good battery life and very fast charging speed, these earphones are the best choice.

Pricing– The price of these earphones is rupees 1999 on Flipkart. They have the highest price, but offer the best quality features as well. So, they are worth the price at which they are sold.


The Mi Neckband is the newest and latest wireless earphone on this list. It was launched recently. It is being marketed for the active noise cancellation feature it offers.

Design and durability– The Mi Neckband is also having a rubberised flexible neckband. It has a stylized finish and looks very cool. They have a premium feel to them. They have magnetic earbuds as well. Their control buttons lie on the neckband, which are a little harder to use. The have a heavy neckband like the Samsung U2 earphones which takes the total weight of the earphones to 38 grams. The design is very similar to the Samsung earphones and other Xiaomi earphones.

The durability of these earphones looks decent as well. They are IPX5 certified, so can easily handle sweat and rain like most other earphones in this price range. Overall, look durable enough to last long.

Comfort– The comfort on this earphone is decent. They weigh 36 grammes but don’t feel very heavy on the neck. The band sometimes feels a little tight, but other than that, the design is very good. The plastic doesn’t cause any comfort issues with these earphones.

The earbuds are ear friendly as well and they fit pretty well inside the ears. The earphones can be used for long periods of time without feeling any sort of discomfort. Pretty comfortable all in all.

Audio quality– The audio quality of these earphones is nothing special but it is decent. The bass overpowers the mids and the highs, which makes them not really suitable for people who don’t like a lot of bass. This can however be fixed through an equalizer to a certain extent.

But the biggest quality of these earphones is that they offer Active Noise Cancellation which works surprisingly well. The noise cancellation is very good and gives tough competition to earphones which are much costlier than this. Overall, if you want good noise cancellation and can deal with a bass heavy sound signature, these earphones are pretty good for you.

Microphone quality– The microphone quality is decent and they can be used for calling and conference. Although, you should not expect too much from these earphones in terms of microphone quality.

Connectivity– They too have Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and like all other earphones, work well at a decent distance away from the device.

Battery and charging– The battery life of these earphones is claimed to be around 20 hours but can very easily die before that period. The noise cancellation may be a reason for the faster drain. The charging also is not very fast as it has a normal micro-USB charging slot instead of a type C slot.

Pricing– The price of these earphones is rupees 1599. They are the best value for money earphones if you want active noise cancellation.


Another alternative is the boat rockerz 335. These are an alternative to the boat 255 pro plus earphones.

Design and durability– The design is similar to the Boat Rockerz 255 Pro Plus. They have a flexible neckband which makes them easy to carry around. The controls are on the neckband. They weigh 30 grams and are pretty easy to carry around. The earbuds attach to each other through magnets. The earbuds are small and have hooks just like the 255 pro plus model.

They are IPX 5 certified, therefore they provide very good sweat and rain resistance. They are very durable and will last pretty long.

Comfort– Weighing 30 grams, they aren’t the most comfortable earphones, but they aren’t too uncomfortable either. The earbuds are small and fit inside the ears very easily. The hooks help the earphones lock in place. They can be used for long periods of time without any comfort issues.

Audio quality– The audio quality of these earphones is very similar to that of the boat Rockerz 255 pro plus. They come with AptX technology and noise isolation. The sound coming from these earphones is well balanced. They have a very good and balanced sound. The bass is very good. The mids and highs are also pretty decent. It doesn’t have that much of a balanced sound, but since most of the people who want to purchase these earphones aren’t audiophiles anyways, they won’t find any major issue in the sound quality of these earphones.

Microphone quality– The microphone is good and the voice is clear in calling as well as conferences. It isn’t as good as the OnePlus bullets, but comes in at a close second along with the 255-pro plus.

Connectivity– They too have Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and like all other earphones, work well at around 10 m away from the device.

Battery and charging– The battery life of these earphones is only second to the rockerz 255 pro plus, as they boast a battery which guarantees 30 hours of playback. However, what makes them better than the rockerz 255 pro is the fact that they have a type C charging port with fast charging which charges a lot faster than the former earphones. A 10-minute charge is enough to provide 10 hours of music playback.

Therefore, although the battery life is shorter than the 255 pro plus, these earphones make it up through the fast charging speed.

Pricing– The price of these earphones is rupees 1599. They provide a very good value for the price they are offering.


These all earphones have their pros and cons. Some are good for one purpose, while the others are good for others. If you want good noise cancellation, Mi Neckband is the best choice. If you want the best audio quality, the Oppo Enco earphones should be your choice. If you want good overall sound, but can deal with a lack of water resistance and underwhelming bass, then the Samsung Level U2 should be your choice.

If you like a great battery life, you can choose either of the Boat Rockerz on this list. If you prefer a sturdier and more durable and water-resistant earphone, go for the 255 pro plus, but if you prefer faster charging, go for the 335 version.

However, the overall best pick has to be the OnePlus Wireless Bullets Z. These earphones provide the whole package and have the best microphone as well. You can select these earphones if you want the best overall experience.

The options within the 2000 rupees budget are limited, yet due to the advancements in technology, there are more and more options emerging. The OnePlus Bullets are the perfect example. With even more time, more and more options will emerge. Till now, people could only think about purchasing wired earphones in the price range of 2000 rupees because the wireless earphones would have much worse audio quality and a very short battery life. But the earphones in this list prove that this is no longer the case.

However, we still recommend you to go for wired earphones if wireless is not an essential need for you, as they would provide a better sound quality at this price range. People who want to game using their earphones should clearly stay away from these wireless earphones and go for wired ones as the latency in these earphones is a big detrimental factor when it comes to gaming, as you will hear the footsteps and important sound cues much later.

However, if you fall into any other category and want the freedom of wireless earphones, these are a no brainer. The neckband earphones in the budget price range are much better than truly wireless earphones currently. Therefore, you should pick these neckbands over the truly wireless earphones if your budget is limited.





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