Best All In One Printers In India

All in one printers are the printers which can perform 3 tasks.


  • Printing 
  • Scanning
  • Photocopying

Home Printers have been on steady decline for years because of increase in consumption digital media , but due to recent and ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and resultant shift to digital meeting and classroom for White collar job workers, school and college going students the time we spend in online world and staring at computer / mobile screen has drastically increased.

Schools and colleges are distributing lecture notes online and students are forced to study online with distractions of social media rather than old fashioned physical books. So concerned parents are getting their children printer so they can print the notes and study offline , or share their written notes with friends using the scanner function of All in one printer.

So if you are a concerned parent looking to provide your child with comfort of physical notes and trying to cut down on their online time , Or a college student and office worker , We have prepared an extensive list best ALL in one printer available , tailored to your personal usage . 

Things you should Consider before buying All in one printer.


  • Connectivity :-  Printer are Either wireless or need to be connected to device like PC through USB to be Used , now if you want to  perform Printing job strictly from pc , an normal printer would do , but if you want comfort of printing from anywhere in you house you should get wireless printer.
  • Usage :-  You should surely gauge your usage before buying a printer , If you don’t use printer regularly , the printing head , which is important of printer dries out and may need an replacement
  • Ink cost:-  there are some really low priced AIO printers out there which may look enticing , but they run through ink rapidly and replacing the ink cartridge or refilling will burn hole in your pocket.
  • Color prints :- Color printing uses ink rapidly , for any given printer for eg , if you print 500 black & white pages , you can only print around 100 color pages , so may want to get a printer with higher ink capacity if you will be heavily doing color printing.


Best All In One Printers for low / personal usage 


Canon PIXMA MG2577s All-in-One Inkjet Color Printer :- 2999rs

  • Printer Type – Inkjet
  • Connectivity-USB
  • Cost per page – Rs.7 (Black), Rs.9 (Color) 
  • Warranty – 1 year carry-in warranty from the date of purchase




  1. Cheapest All in one printer in market 
  2. On printer Buttons for instant scanning and photocopying
  3. Good for low usage 




  1. High Printing Cost per page 
  2. Low ink capacity, will run very quickly while printing photograph
  3. Slow printing, scanning speed 
  4. Warranty voids if not used with original ink cartridge from canon, expensive ink cartridges



Canon PIXMA MG2577s All-in-One Inkjet Color Printer is strictly entry level All in one printer , which should be only if you have low printing usage but you need scanner for your work , which makes it better than getting a dedicated printer with no scanner .


HP Deskjet 2331 – 3449 rs

  • Printer type: Inkjet
  • Connectivity : High-speed USB 2.0 Connectivity (pc)
  • Ink Cartridge: HP 805 Black Original Ink Cartridge, HP 805 Tri-Color Original Ink Cartridge
  • Cost-per-page – Rs 6 (Black), Rs 8 (Color)
  • Warranty – 1 year carry-in warranty from the date of purchase.


  1. Faster printing speed than Canon PIXMA MG2577s.
  2. Lower cost for printing black and white pages than Canon PIXMA MG2577s
  3. Better and slicker design than Canon PIXMA MG2577s
  4. Ink cartridges prices are lower than Canon PIXMA MG2577s
  5. Better pc software , easy to learn and use
  6. On printer Buttons for instant scanning and photocopying



  1. Slower color printing than Canon PIXMA MG2577s.
  2. Cost of color printing is still as high .
  3. Low duty cycle , printer head may need constant replacing after printing 1000 pages.
  4. Ink may run out fast when printing photographs



Better and more compact design, faster and lower printing cost for B&W white pages than Canon PIXMA MG2577s make it a better choice , definitely you should prefer this printer if you care about the looks of your electrical appliances .

HP Deskjet 2723 – 5350 rs


  • Printer type: Inkjet
  • Connectivity : High-speed USB 2.0 Connectivity, WIFI
  • Ink Cartridge: HP 805 Black Original Ink Cartridge, HP 805 Tri-Color Original Ink Cartridge
  • Cost-per-page – Rs 6 (Black), Rs 8 (Color)
  • Warranty:- 1 year on-site warranty




  1. Wireless connectivity 
  2. Can print & scan from anywhere in the home from smartphone or pc.
  3. Works with apple mac laptops and Macintosh desktops.
  4. Compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa voice commands.
  5. Can be connected to pc through USB and still be used in case wireless network is down 




  1. Slow printing speed
  2. Some minor complaints of unreliable functionality when internet is slow
  3. Cost of printing is still high .



WIFI connectivity and compatibility with google home and Alexa voice commands make it much smarter than the printers mentioned above and much more convenient to use .


With this , we are done with section of recommendation  for All in one printers which should be used for low / personal usage 

These printers suffer for some issues like high printing cost and slow printing & scanning speeds but are totally fine to use if your usage is like printing a few dozens B&W pages per month and you have constant use of other functions like scanning and photocopy.

If you think your usage is higher and you need to print Color photographs often , read our next section .


Best All In One Printers for Medium / Family /Office usage 


Canon PIXMA E477 All-in-One Wireless Ink Efficient Color Printer  -5100rs 


  • Printer type: Ink Efficient
  • Connectivity: USB, WIFI, WIFI Direct, Google Cloud Print. 
  • Compatible Cartridge: PG47 & CL57s
  • Page yield-400 pages (Black), 180 pages 
  • Cost per page – Rs 1.4 (Black), Rs 4 (Color), as per ISO


  1. Cost efficient black & white printing
  2. Convenience of wireless printing.
  3. WIFI-direct :- Printer can generate its own WIFI hotspot so you can print even when home network is down
  4. At full ink capacity it can print up to 400 pages of B&W pages and 180 color pages .
  5.  Low Ink cartridge cost , Canon smartphone printer app has great and easy to interface.



  1. Printing speed is still pretty slow compared to laser printers.
  2. Cost per Page is still much higher than ink tank printers.
  3. Can get bit Noisy during printing.



Canon PIXMA E477 is very good value for money for customers who have medium usage who print around 100 pages a month , on full refill ink cartridge can last upto 3-4 months. Perfect All in One Printer Medium Home Usage


Canon E4270 All-in-One Ink Efficient WIFI Printer with FAX/ADF/Duplex Printing –7000 rs 


  • Printer Type- Ink Efficient
  • Connectivity – Wi-Fi, USB, Apple Airprint, Google Cloud Print 
  • Pages per minute – 8.8 pages (Black), 4.4 pages (Color)
  • Cost per page – Rs 1.3 (Black & White), Rs 3.5 (Color) 
  • Compatible Ink Cartridge – PG-47 (Black), CL-57 (Color)




  1. Extremely fast Printing pace , can print up to 9 Black & white  pages per minute and 4 Color pages per Minute
  2. Has ADF ( automatic document feeder ) , No need to manually place documents for Scanning
  3. Duplex printing :- Can print both sides of paper at same time , coupled with great printing speed , make this printer extremely fast and apt for office usage 
  4. Has Faxing facility
  5. Has Large LCD display for Easy and convenient use
  6. Fast Scanning Document scanning speed.
  7. Wireless 




  1. Cost per Page is still much higher than ink tank printers.
  2. Can get bit Noisy during printing.
  3. Below average color printing quality.



Canon E4270 is very good All in one printer for medium office usage , has a number of useful features like Fax , ADF and duplex printing which fulfill the purpose of fast and efficient printing and scanning needed in office work . 


With this , we are done with section of recommendation  for All in one printers which should be used for medium / family / office usage 

These printers are value for money if your usage is around 100 -200 pages a month , though they still offer inferior printing cost per page in comparison to ink tank printers

If you are college student or small business owner , your usage will be much higher than 100 pages per month , and to get best value for money , you need to get ink tank printers , best of which will be recommended in next section



Best All In One Printers for High /College/ Small Business  usage

HP 315 All-in-One Ink Tank Color Printer with USB Connectivity – 10,500 rs 

  • Printer type: Multi-Function , Ink tank
  • Connectivity : 1 Hi-Speed USB 2.0
  • Compatible ink: HP Ink Tank 315, HP GT53XL Black Ink Bottle (135 ml), HP GT52 Cyan Ink Bottle (70 ml), HP GT52 Magenta Ink Bottle (70 ml), HP GT52 Yellow Ink Bottle (70 ml)
  • Warranty : One year of 24/7 world-class technical support services through; One-year or 20,000 pages limited hardware warranty, whichever is earlier from the date of purchase; user replaceable parts have separate warranty periods
  • Pages per minute: Black: Up to 19 ppm (draft, A4); Color: Up to 15ppm (draft, A4)
  • Page Yield:- Black ~6,000 pages, Color ~8,000 pages



  1. Extremely low Printing Cost per Page 
  2. Fast printing speed
  3. Ink refills are appropriately priced 
  4. Borderless Printing
  5. Ink bottles are resealable and provide spill and mess -free refilling ink experience. 
  6. Transparent ink tank makes it easy to monitor ink levels.



  1. No wireless features
  2. Usb cable for connectivity with pc provided with printer maybe too short
  3. Average quality color printing 
  4. Printer Head can be easily damaged and has Separate and lower warranty than printer .



HP 315 All-in-One Ink Tank Color Printer is a good entry level Ink tank printer which can easily satisfy high volume printing and scanning needs of College students / small businesses.

However one major con is lack of wireless connectivity , which can be remedied by adding some money and getting HP 410 , wireless variant of same printer.


Canon Pixma G3000 All-in-One Wireless Ink Tank Color Printer -13000 rs 


  • Printer Type – Ink Tank
  • Connectivity – Wi-Fi, USB
  • Pages per minute – 8.8 (Black), (Color)
  • Cost per page – 9 paise (Black & White), 32 paise (Color)
  • Compatible Ink Bottle – GI-790 (BK), GI-790 (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)
  • Page yield – 6000 pgs (BK), 7000 pgs (color)



  1. Wireless printing facilities , also has WIFI direct which enable wireless printing without need of WIFI router
  2. Extremely low Printing Cost per Page 
  3. Fast printing speed
  4. Can print Up to 6000 Black and White Pages and 7000 color pages on full ink capacity
  5. Extremely high DPI printing :- Expect crisp and detailed color prints
  6. Built-in integrated ink tanks create a compact printer body. Ink tank is transparent as to allow user to to monitor ink levels with naked eye without need to use any software to detect it 
  7. Comes with two extra Black ink bottles 



  1. Unreliable printing head , may get damaged easily and need costly replacement even under warranty
  2. Very sketchy warranty plan ,printer warranty does not cover damage to some parts of printer 
  3. No LCD screen for ease and convenience 



Very good All in one Ink tank Printer which would have been perfect if not for sketchy warranty issues , I implore you do some extra research about warranty issue before buying this. 

Two extra bottles of Black ink means the printer can print up to 18,000 pages before needing to buy extra ink refill makes this otherwise a very awesome deal.


Epson EcoTank L3150 Wi-Fi All-in-One Ink Tank Printer (Black) -13700rs


  • Printer Type – Ink Tank
  • Connectivity – Wi-Fi, USB, App
  • Pages per minute – 33 pages (Black & White), 15 pages (Color)
  • Cost per page – 7 paise (Black & White), 18 paise (Color)
  • Compatible Ink Bottle – T003 (Black), T003 (Cyan), T003 (Magenta), T003 (Yellow)
  • Page Yield – 4500 pages (Black & White), 7500 pages (Color)
  • Warranty – 1 year or 30,000 pages whichever is earlier on-site warranty from the date of purchase



  1. Wireless connectivity for easy and convenient use, WIFI direct feature is also present
  2. Extremely high speed of printing
  3. Lowest printing cost per page in this category
  4. Ink refill is very well priced 
  5. Printer has a very compact and sleek design , the ink tank is built into the structure of the printer itself unlike hp 315 so that it  does not take up much space. Ink tank refills have special nozzle which fits only fits into its respective tank so to avoid any spillage while re
  6. Remote Print Driver allows you to print through this printer anywhere in the world, given that printer has internet access. 
  7. Extremely High Printing DPI (5760 dpi) , Color printing will be extremely sharp , precise and clear 



  1. Lower Black & white paper yield than canon Pixma g3000
  2. No black extra ink refill provided 



Epson is one of the biggest names in the world of printers , if you have a huge budget and some cash to splurge , it’s wholly recommended to get yourself a Epson printer as they are best in class. 


With this , we are done with a section of recommendation  for All in one printers which should be used for High / college / small business  usage .

Ink Tank printers are great for people who have the need to print a lot of pages a month but don’t want a huge whole in their pocket

Extremely low cost per page of printing and fast printing make these printers ideal for people who want open small business around printing , or small businesses that have huge need for printing in their day to day activities .


Frequently asked Questions 

  • What is printing DPI?

DPI stands for dots per inch.  Higher the printing DPI is  More crisper and clearer the printing quality

  • What is page yield ? 

-page yield is a number of theoretical maximum pages you can print from one full ink cartridge

  • How is printing cost per page calculated?

-printing cost per page is calculated by dividing the maximum page yield of ink cartridge  with the cost of ink cartridge.

  • Is it recommended to use an official ink cartridge provided by a manufacturer  with these printers?

-using any other ink cartridge rather than from the official manufacturer voids the warranty of the printer . However if the printer is once no longer in warranty , you can experiment locally available cheap alternative ink refills or cartridges. 

  • What if I keep the printer in-active for very long?  What will be the consequences?

-It is not recommended to keep the printer in-active for a very long time, ink in the printer may dry out ,  or the printer head can stop functioning well. If there is no printing job for a long time it is recommended to take out full black print in order to keep the printer busy.


*The prices of the printer mentioned in the article was the current price of these printers on during the writing of this article , you may find these for cheaper on other websites or local shops .


 Thanks for reading this article on best all in one printers in India, hope you get a clearer picture after reading the article as to which printer you want according to your needs and usage, for any further questions reach out to my Email.

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