Best Budget Gaming Controllers for PC and Android in India for 2021.

Keyboard and mouse are the standard controllers for PC games. They have been designed specifically for gaming, which makes them great at it. However, they are not perfect. When you play a racing or sports game with a keyboard and mouse, it feels very awkward because your hands are too far apart. This is where a game controller comes in. A good controller is not just an alternative to your touchscreen or keyboard and mouse, sometimes it is the only way to completely experience what a game has to offer. 

Whether you are a PC gamer or an Android gamer, the two things that matter most to both of you is performance and affordability. So if your controller’s budget is limited, it is very important to choose wisely. Luckily for us, there are plenty of great controllers out there that aren’t terribly expensive. There are so many different types of gamepads available in the market today that it can get really overwhelming trying to find the best controller for yourself. But look no further! We at techoids have scoured the market for popular budget gamepads to find out which ones are worth your money. Check our list of top picks below!


Best controllers for PC gaming


1. Logitech F310 Gamepad

Connectivity: 6 feet USB cable

Compatible with: PC

Rumble feature: No

Price: Rs.1895

Reasons to buy:

✔️Programmable buttons

✔️Both DirectInput and XInput compatibility

Reasons to avoid: 

❌No Rumble feature

The Logitech F310 Gamepad is the perfect controller for PC gaming. It’s fully compatible with many of today’s top games, giving you precise control over your game play. The programmable D-pad allows you to switch between up to 4-way movement or 8-way directional movement on the fly, so you can always take advantage of your skills! Other than this there are 10 programmable buttons which can be tweaked by using the free logitech profiler software. The rubber coated analog sticks have a great grip and will provide no issue during long gaming sessions. 

F310 is easy to set up, you just have to plug and play! No software installation needed. It even supports both XInput and DirectInput modes, you can easily switch input modes using the slider button at the bottom. The only feature that f310 lacks is Rumble feature which really sets it back from others on the list. But if Rumble feature isn’t on the top of your list then F310 is a great Pc controller for enjoying casual gaming sessions. 


2. Ant Esports GP300

Connectivity: Wireless 2.4GHz USB dongle

Range: 8 meters

Run time: 10 hours at a charge of 2 hours

Compatible with: PC, Android

Rumble feature: Dual Vibration Motors

Price: Rs.1149

Reasons to buy:

✔️Great Rumble feature

✔️Great grip on joysticks

✔️Both XInput and DirectInput support

✔️LED battery indicator

Reasons to avoid:

❌Battery life is not that great

Ant Esports GP300 is a high precision wireless game pad for PC and android. There are two modes for the controller: Xinput/DInput PC mode and Android mode. In Android mode, gamers can play games on their Android devices via OTG cable connection. You can just plug and play without installing any drivers. It has an ergonomic design with great grips on all buttons including the two joysticks. You can use the micro USB cable at the back to charge the controller, you can expect a run time of 10 hours with a charge of around 2 hours. 

The Rumble feature is great because of the powerful vibration motors, note that Rumble feature is only available in games supporting XInput mode. On top of this you also get a turbo mode to slide through those button mashing game sequences. Overall the gamepad is a great affordable wireless option for PC gaming. 


3. Cosmic Byte Callisto 

Connectivity: Wired (Wireless version is also available)

Compatible with: PC, Android

Rumble feature: Dual Vibration Motors

Price: Rs.999

Reasons to buy:

✔️Great design for long gaming sessions

✔️Two programmable macros at the back

✔️back lit keys

Reasons to avoid:

❌Toggle radius of analog sticks is super short

Cosmic Byte Callisto is an ergonomically designed controller for PS4, PS3 and PC. It has a textured grip on the controller’s surface with a rubber finish to ensure your hand does not slip while playing. This allows you to have better control over your character without having to worry about the controller slipping out of your hands. Cosmic Byte have designed the Callisto considering optimisation for FPS games. The sensitive triggers and accurate analog sticks allow gamers to play comfortably, accurately and faster than ever before. The ergonomic design enables you to focus on the game at hand without losing control due to fatigue.

The two macro keys on the back of the controller provide you with quick access to your favorite commands and macros. The vibration of the controller gives you a great tactile feel. On top of that all of the keys are LED backlit adding to the overall look of the device. This controller is perfect for all pc games including competitive titles. The controller also has a wireless version which is priced at Rs.1448.


4. RPM Euro Games

Connectivity: Wired (Wireless version is also available)

Compatible with: PC, Android TV

Rumble feature: Dual Vibration Motors

Price: Rs.699

Reasons to buy:

✔️Super affordable

✔️You get rumble feature at an inexpensive price

✔️Both Xinput and DirectInput support

Reasons to avoid:

❌Not great for FPS titles

❌Doesn’t have great quality plastic

❌Analog sticks don’t have a great grip

RPM euro games controller is a super affordable controller for PC. This controller is perfect if you want to enjoy casual games on your pc with a good Rumble feature. The controller has a standard button layout without any extra macro keys. It is fully compatible with both XInput and DirectInput games, you can easily switch the modes using the home button. Even though it has vibration motors its form factor and weight remains low, it is super lightweight to carry making it easier for your hands to hold. It has USB connectivity, the wire length is around 1.7 meters. While it is not recommended for competitive FPS titles you can still enjoy games like fifa or racing titles on it without any issue. The controller is also available in a wireless version which is priced at Rs.999.


5. Quantum QHM7468 

Connectivity: Wired 

Compatible with: PC

Rumble feature:Dual Vibration Motors

Price: Rs.433

Reasons to buy:

✔️Super cheap

✔️Rumble feature at an affordable price

Reasons to avoid:

❌Triggers are not sequential, they are buttons(No acceleration or deceleration they just act as normal buttons) which will affect gameplay in racing games

The QHM7468 is a controller for PC which has a similar design to that of a dualshock 2. It provides a total of 10 buttons and two analog function keys with four triggers, which covers all the functions you need in most games. The controller doesn’t offer any fancy features but gets the job done perfectly. You even get a Rumble feature which is a rarity at this price range. The controller is made up of good quality plastic, you can expect a good grip while playing games. Note that you will have to install the drivers of the controller before use, you get a CD with driver loaded but you can also download them from the product’s website. Overall it is a great budget controller for casual gaming experience on PC, it is not recommended for competitive FPS titles or racing games with high precision.


Best controllers for android gaming


1. CLAW Shoot Bluetooth 

Connectivity: Bluetooth and 2.4GHz USB dongle 

Range: 10 meters

Run time: 10 hours

Compatible with: PC, Android

Rumble feature: Dual Vibration Motors

Price: Rs.1949

Reasons to buy:

✔️Great for smartphones due to the mobile bracket

✔️Great button mapping features

✔️Convenient button layout

Reasons to avoid:

❌No Rumble feature for android games

The CLAW Shoot is a Bluetooth game controller that uses the Playstation 4 DualShock style ergonomic design. The CLAW Shoot allows you to play games by attaching it directly to your mobile device, tablets or PC via bluetooth or the USB dongle. The included PC mode uses the 2.4Ghz wireless USB dongle which is included in the box together with a detachable smartphone bracket capable of holding mobiles between 4 -7 inches. The CLAW Shoot Controller uses pre-configured buttons or you can configure your own buttons using the ‘ShootingPlus V3’ app from Google Play. The app allows you to map the on screen controls to your gamepad buttons. The controller also features Rumble feature, but it is only compatible with PC games. It has a powerful 400mAH battery which gives you a good runtime of up to 10 hours with a full charge of 2 hours. Overall the controller performs really well when it comes to android phones thanks to its convenient mobile bracket and button mapping features. You can even use it for PC games if you want, the controller also has a wired version and a wireless version without the smartphone bracket which are priced slightly less than this one, you can opt for those if you want it for PC games.


2. Live Tech GPW01 

Connectivity: Bluetooth 

Range: 10 meters

Run time: 10 hours

Compatible with: Android and IOS

Rumble feature: No 

Price: Rs.1349

Reasons to Buy:

✔️A great smartphone bracket

✔️The controller has an anti slip texture

Reasons to avoid:

❌No support for smartphones with mediatek processors

Live Tech GPW01 is a wireless gamepad for mobile devices, which can be connected to Smartphones, Tablets and Android TV Boxes via Bluetooth. It supports most mobile games in the App Store/Google Play by default. The controller uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology to connect with your devices within 10 feet without any delay. The whole controller has an anti slip texture, so it won’t slip out of your hands while playing. It also has a smartphone bracket that you can use to mount your phone. Note that the controller doesn’t support smartphones with a mediatek processor.


Best controllers for both


1. Redgear pro 

Connectivity: Bluetooth dongle

Range: 10 meters

Run time: 2 hours in a charge of 30 minutes

Compatible with: PC and Android 

Rumble feature: Dual Vibration Motors

Price: Rs.1699

Reasons to buy:

✔️Great build quality that will last for years

✔️Good battery life

✔️Backlit buttons

Reasons to avoid:

❌The analog sticks don’t have a great grip

Redgear Pro Wireless Gamepad is a gamepad that allows you to play games on your PC and android devices. It comes with 2.4 GHz wireless technology and supports up to 10 metres range. The gamepad also features an integrated dual intensity motor which allows for great Rumble, while the key illumination provides visibility even in low light conditions. The controller has an all plastic body that doesn’t feel hollow and even has a rubberized grip for a good hold. It has a micro USB port for charging, the powerful battery can give you a play time of over 2 hours with just a charge of 30 minutes. You won’t have to worry about game compatibility issues as the controller has both XInput and DirectInput modes. Overall it is a great wireless controller that provides a good experience in both PC and android games.


2. Cosmic Byte C1070T 

Connectivity: Bluetooth dongle

Range: 10 meters

Run time: 12 hours in a charge of 2 hours

Compatible with: PC and Android 

Rumble feature: Dual Vibration Motors

Price: Rs.1699

Reasons to buy:

✔️Great Rumble feature

✔️Backlit keys 

✔️Great rubberized grip

✔️Great compatibility options

Reasons to avoid:

❌Noisy buttons 

❌The analog sticks do not have a great grip

Cosmic Byte C1070T is a premium wireless controller with 2.4Ghz technology, offering long-range connectivity of up to 8 meters. It features an integrated 600mAh battery that allows you to play up to 12 hours on a single charge. With its high precision D-pad, this controller guarantees accurate control for all your favorite games. The C1070T has an integrated dual mode: X-input and Direct-input for greater games compatibility which means it can support Windows XP/ Vista / 7 / 8 / 10; Xbox 360; Xbox and android games too. The whole controller has a rubberized finish giving a good grip and hold. It even has dual vibration modes that ensure a great Rumble feature experience. The A,B,X,Y keys are backlit and ensure a comfortable experience even in dark. Overall its a great controller for both Pc and android gaming!


Some premium controllers


1. Logitech G F710

Connectivity: 2.4GHz wireless USB dongle

Range: 10 meters

Run time: Couple of weeks on two AA batteries

Compatible with: PC and Android TV

Rumble feature: Dual Vibration Motors

Price: Rs.2995

Reasons to buy:

✔️Great build quality

✔️Premium feel to buttons

Reasons to avoid:

❌Runs on two AA batteries

Logitech G F710 is an upgraded version of the wired Logitech F310 with additional features like wireless support and dual vibration motors. The controller is unrivaled when it comes to design and build quality. It has a retro look with a silver finish that reminds of the original playstation controllers. You get a standard layout with a 8 directional d-pad, four action buttons, 4 triggers and 2 analog sticks. It even has a dedicated mode switch button at the back to switch between Xinput and DirectInput modes. The controller runs on two AA batteries and you can expect a run time of weeks before you need to switch the batteries. The triggers and the action buttons feel premium and the vibration feedback is perfect for all kinds of games. Overall it is a solid and robust controller that justifies its price.


2. Xbox controller

Connectivity: wired and bluetooth

Range: 6 meters

Run time: Couple of weeks on two AA batteries

Compatible with: PC and Android

Rumble feature: Dual Vibration Motors

Price: Rs.5390

Reasons to buy:

✔️Fully compatible with Pc and android games

✔️Wireless and wired configurations

✔️Textured buttons

Reasons to avoid:

❌Needs AA batteries for wireless connection

The Xbox controller is one of the best controllers out there when it comes to multi platform gaming, you can use it with your xbox, android and your PC too! The 8 way d-pad, analog sticks and the triggers are on point when it comes to design. Another great thing about the controller is that you can use it both wireless and in wired configuration. You can use the USB type C port at the back for wired configuration and the bluetooth functionality on wireless. The controller runs on two AA batteries that can last upto two weeks. The custom mapping allows you to play games with varied control schemes with ease. It even has a 3.5 mm audio jack which you won’t find in many of the other commercial controllers. Doesn’t matter if you are a pc gamer or an android gamer this controller will fit all your needs. 


3. Dualshock 4 controller

Connectivity: wireless adapter and bluetooth

Range: 10 meters

Run time: 8 Hours on a full charge of 2 hours

Compatible with: PC, Android and PS4

Rumble feature: Dual Vibration Motors

Price: Rs.6999

Reasons to buy:

✔️Great design and build quality

✔️Has motion sensing technology

✔️Supports all steam games

Reasons to avoid:

❌Needs third party software for PC games out of steam

Dualshock 4 is another great controller for PC, android and PS4 that falls on the expensive side. It has sensitive analog sticks, clicky buttons and a great grip. The controller also has motion sensing technology that is compatible with many games on PC, you can take full advantage of it in racing games to steer or in a FPS to aim. You also get a handy trackpad! you can use the micro usb port on the controller for charging and it will give up to 8 hours of playtime with a charge of 2 hours. The controller even has a 3.5mm audio jack to plug in headphones. It has inbuilt speakers but those are mostly used by PS4 games to increase the immersion by playing different sounds. The controller is supported by all of the steam library and has great android support too, so you won’t have to worry about compatibility. Overall it is a great controller for PC and android with great design and comfortable features.


Things to consider before buying a controller:



While buying a controller you can choose between a wired or a wireless controller. Wired controllers will have a USB wire for connection and wireless controllers will rely on bluetooth or WiFi dongles for connectivity. The connection configuration is important because it determines the input lag. Wired controllers will have less input lag as compared to the wireless ones, so choose according to the kind of games you will be playing. Some controllers like the Xbox controller can be used both in wired as well as wired configurations.


Rumble feature

Most of the controllers have in-built vibration motors that help in giving vibration feedback. This vibration makes the gaming experience more immersive and engaging. Make sure to check if the controller has the rumble feature or not!  


Size and Comfort

You need to make sure the controller is comfortable for your hands. An ergonomic design will get you a better grip on the controller and would significantly improve the experience. Also make sure to check the weight of the controller, this will depend upon your preference whether to choose a heavy or a light controller. Weight can make a difference during long competitive sessions, the optimal weight for a controller sits around at 300-400 grams but in the end it’s about your preference.


Build quality

Most of the controllers are made up of plastic, make sure that the controller has a good build quality that will withstand any impacts. A loose grip or an accidental fall are pretty common accidents, a strongly built controller will be able to easily counter such mishaps.



You can find controllers for PC, android/IOS and consoles. Make sure that the controller is compatible with the device of your choice.


Input type

Controllers come in two different types of input formats namely XInput and DirectInput. The type of input depends upon the games, most of the older games used DirectInput library while the newer ones use the XInput. You won’t be able to play XInput games with a Directinput controller. Most of the latest controllers support both XInput and DirectInput, you can easily switch between them while playing the game.


Special features

Apart from all of these standard features some controllers come with additional features like haptic feedback, audio jacks(dualshock4 and Xbox controller have one), speakers(dualshock4 has built in speakers). Some controllers like dualshock4 also have motion sensing capabilities, so look out for those!



Frequently asked questions


1.How to use the USB adapter of the controller with a phone?

You can use a OTG cable to attach a USB adapter to your phone. Just plug in the OTG cable and plug the adapter to its end.


2. What is the difference between normal rumble and haptic feedback?

The difference is the way vibrations are fed to the user. In rumble controllers the vibration is only on one level, doesn’t matter if you are driving a car or getting hit the vibration will always be at the same level. Haptic feedback is all about simulating the in game activities by subtly changing the levels of vibration. A controller with haptic feedback will give you a more immersive experience than a normal one.


3. What are analog triggers and joysticks?

There are two types of triggers and joysticks that you will find in controllers, analog and digital. Digital triggers or joysticks are just normal switches, that is they are either on or off. While they are useful they prove to be inefficient when it comes to racing games where you have to gradually accelerate or decelerate. This is not possible with digital buttons. Analog buttons record a varying input than just on or off. These buttons register how far you press them allowing for functions like throttling or braking in games. Most of the joysticks on the controllers are analog but not all of the triggers are analog so make sure to check that.


4. Will a Xbox or a PS4 controller work with a PC?

Most of the PC games are compatible with both of these controllers, you can just plug and play most of the titles. While the PS4’s dualshock 4 is compatible with all of the steam games you might have to use a third party software for games out of steam. 


5. Will an android controller work with Android smart TV?

Android controllers are made for devices that run the android operating system. As long as the TV is running on Android and has Wifi or bluetooth, the controller will work fine. Note that it will work just with the games downloaded from play store, any third party games on your android Tv might require separate button mapping. 





As you can see, there are many factors that go into choosing the best controller for PC and Android gaming. Thankfully, we’ve already done all the hard work for you! But if you are still not sure which controller to go for then here’s a quick rundown!

For PC a Redgear pro is a great choice. It is a great budget pick that is compatible with a great range of titles on PC. The controller even has a slightly less expensive wired version, you can cut down your budget and go for that one too! It is even compatible with android so you get to enjoy titles on mobile.

If you have a slightly higher budget you can go for the Xbox controller as it is the absolute best for pc gaming. You get wired and wireless connectivity in one and it also has great ergonomics and great grip on the buttons. It has become one of the most sought out controllers due to ist great compatibility and design.

For android devices you can go with the claw controller. The smartphone bracket makes it a great choice for mobile devices!

If you just want a casual device to enjoy pc games without any fancy features you can opt for Quantum QHM7468. It is a great inexpensive choice and it even comes with a rumble feature.

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